Unusual Leadership Qualities

These may not be the usual type of qualities you see on leadership trait lists. But they are all as important as traits we commonly hear about.

Calmness when making hard decisions. He says it may be easy to make a decision but not always easy to make a good decision. If a decision is tough and emotion-filled, try to wait a while or sleep on it.

Grace under pressure. This is related to the first quality. Try not to get agitated too quickly or unnecessarily. Handle stress effectively.

Consistency. Here Victor talks about being consistent in your behavior. Employees want leadership they can count on and trust.

Persistence. Not everything is accomplished easily on the first try. Perseverance after disappointment may be hard to come by but will help.

Judgment. Other synonyms for this may be experience, seasoning, or business savvy. He says they all add up to judgment. This is used by leaders to make decisions to yield positive outcomes.