Traits of the Modern Leader pt. 2

Many of us of heard the old adage that people don’t leave bad organizations, they leave bad leaders. So, for an organization to succeed building great leaders should be a top priority.

The “master and commander” style leader is no longer relevant. Leaders now need to build authentic relationships with the people under their leadership. There are some particular traits or tools that will help leaders do this in a modern and relevant way.

This is part two of this discussion.

Leaders in our new age know they cannot possibly have all the answers on their own—they ask for other people’s input and opinions. They may even hire outside experts if no one in their organization has that particular skill set and/or knowledge.

Expressions of gratitude, especially in front of others, when a team member has contributed significantly to the vision of the company is a trait of this new kind of leader. This new kind of leader would also never take credit for the work of others.

On the other hand, if a team member is having a problem with a project this new kind of leader doesn’t waste time on blame, reproach or overacting out of frustration. Instead, the new leader helps team members solve their problems. They know the right kinds of questions to help the team member find their own way through their issues.

The new leader has a real interest in their team members lives outside of work so they can help team members reach their future goals and dreams. They understand their team members’ ambitions to help them best find their place and their way in the organization.

The new leader must find the right balance with each team member between being a mentor, cheerleader and coach and not being the old school task master.