Doing Leadership

The Victor crew found an article in the Harvard Business Review with the title “Why Are We Doing It This Way?” Curious, we read on to see what it was about.

The article started out talking about the turn-around that Target retail store made under CEO Brian Cornell. The author also tells about talking to Guy Wollaert, a previous officer of Coca-Cola. He goes on to list insights of their leadership journeys.

Work as a team:
First off, he talks about success coming from being in a team, not just the leadership. Teams should be formed to seek input and perspectives whether they come from within the company or from customers or partners.

When Wollaert had to create the Global Juice Center, he went back to the beginning where oranges were grown and followed through to the consumer looking for opportunities to change. He had to learn where to be flexible since there was a strong reliance on Mother Nature. He made sure he had a diverse team.

Cornell as head of Target similarly reorganized the inner circle of leadership and promoted those who had been there a long time while also recruiting those with deep knowledge in other retail outlets. He visited some stores in person to get a better perspective and even spoke with customers and team members to find out what did and didn’t work.

Stay curious:
Find out “Why are we doing it that way?” as Wollaert did when he first joined Coca-Cola.

When Cornell started on ideas for Target, he visited a store called Story in Manhattan that remakes itself every eight weeks. Using what he learned, he got the concept for “Home for the Holidays” collection.

Challenge the status quo:
You may find you need to start over. If you come to a point where you can no longer improve that’s when you may need to start with a fresh perspective.