Leadership Skill #3

Steve Tappin’s Leadership Skill #3 is “Wow” with Your Career & Life Story. He says since people make up their minds about someone within minutes, it’s important to create a “wow”. He goes on to say you should weave in your upbringing, achievements, values, beliefs, ups, downs, and your mission. He gives examples with his own life in the article. He looks at where he’s been and where he’s going.

For homework, he asks you to write your own career and life story.

~ Jody Victor

Leadership Skill #1

Jody Victor’s crew found a 12-part series on Leadership Skills required to be a world-class leader by Steve Tappin. Steve Tappin is the CEO of Xinfu, Host of BBC CEO Guru & Founder, WorldOfCEOs.com. You can follow his series on LinkedIn.

His Leadership Skill #1 is Build Trust With Anyone. He says you can’t work with anyone without trusting them first. He goes on to give some Trust Exercises and the Xinfu Trust Formula. He gives pointers on how to accelerate trust and gives a Homework assignment related to building trust.

We will try to follow his skills here.

Jody & Crew.