Leadership Traits

The Victor crew did a search for “leadership traits” to see what would show up. Many sites offered leadership traits/qualities/attributes. But what struck us was some had as few as 7, some as many as 23, and even one that gave 101! Whew!

The thing is, can we really define leadership in a list? Anyone can sit down and make a list of what they think leadership is about but isn’t that subjective? To be a leader you must be in a position in some form to have others to lead.

We looked at four of these lists to see if there were any traits that were common. We will talk about those that were common to these lists. On three of the lists, we found “honesty”. This was the only trait that was on three of the lists. On two lists, not necessarily the same two lists, we found “communication”, “focus”, “empathy”, “optimism”, and “confidence”.

After seeing these lists, we realize it’s not so far-fetched to get a list of 101 traits!

Leadership Skill #1

Jody Victor’s crew found a 12-part series on Leadership Skills required to be a world-class leader by Steve Tappin. Steve Tappin is the CEO of Xinfu, Host of BBC CEO Guru & Founder, WorldOfCEOs.com. You can follow his series on LinkedIn.

His Leadership Skill #1 is Build Trust With Anyone. He says you can’t work with anyone without trusting them first. He goes on to give some Trust Exercises and the Xinfu Trust Formula. He gives pointers on how to accelerate trust and gives a Homework assignment related to building trust.

We will try to follow his skills here.

Jody & Crew.