5 Tips For Self-Improvement That Will Make Anyone a Better Person

Since we are all leaders in some small capacity, whether it is as a member of a family, a community sports team or in our career or other social relationships. Trying to improve our leadership skills will, generally speaking, make us all better people.

It only makes sense we would all want to become better people. And even if one were the type to step out of the way and let someone else lead, these skills will still make you a more valued member of any team.

Consider these five tips for how to improve your leadership skills so to become a better leader and think about ways that you can implement these strategies in your daily life at work.

1. Have a clear vision
Make it a point, in clear simple statements, what your goal is as a team. A family motto or an encouraging chant for your community softball team can be a good way to vocalize and remind each other periodically what the goal is. It is also important to explain why the goals are important and to ask for feedback. As a team member it is important to be both supportive, but critical. Actively help the team develop the vision.

2. Know and utilize your strengths and gifts.
You have unique gifts and natural leadership skills that you were born with and personal strengths you’ve developed over your lifetime. Realizing and utilizing these gifts and strengths will assist you in being a formidable leader. Make sure to ask your team members what they think there strengths are and give them opportunities to utilize their talent. As a team member, if you feel your strengths aren’t being utilized, speak up!

3. Be Passionate
Find a way to appropriately express you enthusiasm. Great leaders are not just focused on getting group members to finish tasks; they have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the projects they work on. Let people know that you care about their progress. When one person shares something with the rest of the group, be sure to tell them how much you appreciate such contributions.

4. Live in accordance with your morals and values.
Integrity is important. Don’t ask your team members to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. Be the same person in your public and private life. making choices and taking actions aligned with your morals and values helps you succeed almost effortlessly as key leadership skills. People sense integrity and will naturally respect your opinion and leadership.

5. Serve as a role model
The best leaders walk the walk and talk the talk. As a result, group members admire these leaders and work to emulate these behaviors. If you want to become a better leader, work on modeling the qualities that you would like to see in your team members.

The Value of Grit

As adults most of are both leaders and followers and regardless of our role we typically desire success for both ourselves and others. And while there have been thousands of studies conducted and many books written on the subject a “formula” to success remains illusive.

Angela Lee Duckworth, former high level consultant turned 7th grade math teacher and psychologist has been studying the idea of “grit” as related to success and has some interesting findings to share in her TEDtalk on education.

While Duckworth’s focus is on education, her findings and implied advice can be useful for anyone wishing to accomplish their goals.

Duckworth left a high level consulting career to become a 7th grade math teacher. In her 7th grade classrooms she noticed that IQ was not the best factor to determine which students in her classes would succeed and fail. She found that those students with “grit” (which she also defines as passion and perseverance) had the highest chances of success regardless of any other factor.

She left teaching to pursue a masters degree in psychology and to study the relevance of “grit” as related to success. She conducted her studies across many walks of life and found that “grit”—passion, perseverance, stamina, hard work, “sticking with your future”—was more important than social intelligence, physical health, good looks and IQ, which are all factors traditional considered to be very important to success.

You can listen to Duckworth’s TEDtalk here: