Jody Victor® finds New Year’s resolutions for leaders for 2013

Jody Victor wanted to share an article by Nathan Bennett, a professor of management at the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University that he found on called Five New Year’s Resolutions Every Leader Should Make.

Here are some highlights:

5. Resolve to be the kind of leader we want to follow.
He talks about being consistent, being real, setting an example.

4. Resolve to help us understand how we can develop.
He says this will help us be better in many ways.

3. Become a better listener.
He says to be willing to listen to others’ ideas.

2. Hold the micromanagement. Let’s talk trust.
He addresses how frustrating it is for people to be prevented from doing what they were hired to do if the leader gets in the way.

1. Hold poor performers accountable. If they can’t improve, pay the price necessary to cut them loose.
He talks about the damage to the team when there are members considered dead wood. Would you be better with that person gone?

These resolutions came from the frustrations Nathan hears repeatedly in his class.
Jody: Take the time to read his full article.