Leadership can come in small packages

Little Californian 10-year-old Vivien Harr can prove it. When she was 8 years old, she saw a photo of 2 boys who were enslaved. Vowing to change that, she decided she would do something about it. She opened a lemonade stand. Her goal was to raise $100,000 so she ran her stand for 365 days straight, rain or shine. She “made a stand.”

After several weeks some news outlets had aired her story. she was invited to New York City to set up her stand at times Square. She earned $101,320 and donated it to Not For Sale, a leading anti-slavery organization. After being congratulated by her parents that she “did it,” she asked “is child slavery done?”. When they shook their heads “no,” she said “then I am not done.”

Vivien now bottles her organic Fair Trade “lemon-aid” which is now a for-profit company called Make a Stand Lemon-aid. Five percent of all profits go to the foundation, which in turn goes to such entities as Free the Slaves and UNICEF.

You can find out more on her website: MakeAStand.com

Jody Victor