Joseph, Father of Jesus

Since this week is Christmas, let’s look at Joseph from the Gospels and see what leadership qualities he may have exhibited. There are no spoken words attributed to them so much is implied from the actions and references mentioned of him.

He was a righteous man. He had wanted to leave Mary when he found out she was pregnant. He knew as a righteous man in those days, the right thing to do would be to leave her.

He stood bold in the face of adversity. His standing beside Mary would have sparked criticism from those around him. He not only had to withstand everyone knowing she was pregnant but also had to protect her from the critics. He did struggle with just walking away but after the angel came to him to assure him that Mary was not unfaithful, he stood with her.

He was unselfish. He took on the role of father to someone he knew wasn’t his.

He protected his family. He listened to the angel and fled so he could protect them.

He obeyed the law. He had to go to his hometown for the census. This is why he had to leave Nazareth and go to Bethlehem.

He followed God’s laws. He consecrated his son to the Lord and made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem every Passover.

He took care of his own. He was a carpenter by trade and passed this on to his son.

He was a family-man. He and Mary had children of their own later. Mark 6 mentions he had brothers James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon. It also mentions sisters.

We do not find anymore mention of Joseph after Jesus was about 12 years old. The last mention refers to Jesus’ parents when Jesus was left behind in Jerusalem during one of the pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

So here we have some qualities found very long ago from one of the men of the Bible.

Have a Blessed Christmas,

The Victor crew