Habits of Exceptional Leaders

The Victor Crew came across an article on LinkedIn offering insight for leadership.

Dr. Travis Bradberry, coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, offers these essential traits for better leadership:

Effective Communication
Adherence to the Golden Rule +1
Sense of Purpose

You won’t necessarily incorporate all these traits at one time but you can focus on a couple and build from there.

Read his full article.

Beliefs for Success

In an article by Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO of HubSpot, states that people act on their core beliefs. Here are some beliefs of successful people:

  1. They believe they don’t have to wait to be “selected.” They can simply select themselves.
  2. They believe being the first matters less than being the best.
  3. They believe success seems predictable only in hindsight.
  4. They believe personal success comes from service, not selfishness.
  5. They believe in doing a few things no one else is willing to do.
  6. They believe that the depth of their network is more important than the breadth.
  7. They believe ideas are important … but execution is everything.
  8. They believe leadership is earned, not given.
  9. They believe in paying it forward.
  10. They believe they will make their own history.

Read his full article here.

Good Daily Habits

In an article by Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO of HubSpot, there are some simple habits you should commit to daily:
1. Walk away from gossip.
2. Spend five minutes in another person’s shoes.
3. Give one person unexpected praise.
4. Do one thing no one else is willing to do.
5. Shine the spotlight on one person.
6. “Sell” one thing.
7. Give one person and unexpected hand.
8. Admit one failing.

Read the more in-depth article here.

Leadership Skill #3

Steve Tappin’s Leadership Skill #3 is “Wow” with Your Career & Life Story. He says since people make up their minds about someone within minutes, it’s important to create a “wow”. He goes on to say you should weave in your upbringing, achievements, values, beliefs, ups, downs, and your mission. He gives examples with his own life in the article. He looks at where he’s been and where he’s going.

For homework, he asks you to write your own career and life story.

~ Jody Victor

Leadership Skill #1

Jody Victor’s crew found a 12-part series on Leadership Skills required to be a world-class leader by Steve Tappin. Steve Tappin is the CEO of Xinfu, Host of BBC CEO Guru & Founder, WorldOfCEOs.com. You can follow his series on LinkedIn.

His Leadership Skill #1 is Build Trust With Anyone. He says you can’t work with anyone without trusting them first. He goes on to give some Trust Exercises and the Xinfu Trust Formula. He gives pointers on how to accelerate trust and gives a Homework assignment related to building trust.

We will try to follow his skills here.

Jody & Crew.