Become a great leader through fitness

Jody Victor‘s crew found this concept intriguing.

The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. According to Jennifer Cohen in her blog post on and author of upcoming book “Strong is the New Skinny: How to Eat, Live, and Move to Maximize Your Power”.

In her blog post she outlines some key points about how fitness can make you a better leader:

1. It establishes discipline.
2. It builds self confidence and self esteem.
3. It activates strong will.
4. It keys us in to goal setting and achievement.

Her book tells how to maximize potential, train your brain, add muscle, enhance flexibility, get rid of fat. She has a program called the Strong Seven – 7 days of 7 power foods. This book will be available September 16, 2014.

Leadership Skill #2

Continuing on with the Leadership Skills by Steve Tappin, his next skill is “Do You Have a Dream?”

He goes on to reference part of the speech made Martin Luther King, Jr. during the 1963 March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom. August 28 marked the 50-year anniversary of this speech. He also quotes Michael Jackson, Walt Disney, and Kaifu Lee about dreams they had.

Once again Steve gives a couple challenging exercises to accomplish. One on finding you dream and the other on your convictions and beliefs because your dreams and your cause work hand in hand.

He gives another homework assignment to do with your team.

~ Dream on … Jody Victor