Are you a leader or a manager?

According to, leadership is not the same as management although it is possible to be both. Managers plan while leaders have a vision. Leadership asks what and why and empower others while managers ask how and work with the processes and systems.

There is a chart that shows the differences between a manager and a leader:
A manager administers; a leader innovates
A manager maintains; a leader develops
A manager focuses on systems and structure; a leader focuses on people and emotions
A manager controls systems and people; a leader inspires people
A manager accepts the way things are; a leader challenges the way things are
A manager has a short-range view; a leader has a long-range perspective
A manager manages tasks; a leader leads people

Leaders are more apt to take risks. Sometimes the roles of leaders and managers are blurred but there are definite differences.

~ Jody Victor

Leadership Skill #2

Continuing on with the Leadership Skills by Steve Tappin, his next skill is “Do You Have a Dream?”

He goes on to reference part of the speech made Martin Luther King, Jr. during the 1963 March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom. August 28 marked the 50-year anniversary of this speech. He also quotes Michael Jackson, Walt Disney, and Kaifu Lee about dreams they had.

Once again Steve gives a couple challenging exercises to accomplish. One on finding you dream and the other on your convictions and beliefs because your dreams and your cause work hand in hand.

He gives another homework assignment to do with your team.

~ Dream on … Jody Victor

Leadership Skill #1

Jody Victor’s crew found a 12-part series on Leadership Skills required to be a world-class leader by Steve Tappin. Steve Tappin is the CEO of Xinfu, Host of BBC CEO Guru & Founder, You can follow his series on LinkedIn.

His Leadership Skill #1 is Build Trust With Anyone. He says you can’t work with anyone without trusting them first. He goes on to give some Trust Exercises and the Xinfu Trust Formula. He gives pointers on how to accelerate trust and gives a Homework assignment related to building trust.

We will try to follow his skills here.

Jody & Crew.