The Leadership Puzzle

When I think about doing a jigsaw puzzle, I think, “How can I apply this to leadership?” Here is what I came up with:

1. First you must take a good look at the picture for the puzzle you are putting together. You need to have the big picture so you can put the correct pieces in place.

2. Then start building framework. Figure out the foundation of what you are building. Start with the outer edges. They will help define the big picture. Likewise, have your management in place.

3. Group the pieces by where they will go in the big picture. Make sure your employees have the necessary tools and skills to fit into their specified area with their management.

4. Don’t try to jam a piece in where it really doesn’t fit. Take a look at your staff and make sure you aren’t giving them the tasks they really aren’t “cut out” for or putting them in places they don’t belong.

5. Invite others to help you. You can always delegate some areas for others to oversee. That’s where your management comes in. You will still be in charge of the big picture but you can ask the other leaders to help in the smaller areas.

6. When the puzzle is completed, it will be as if your job is done. Everything is in place and the big picture matches the original. Every piece fits, and so every employee fits in their spot and your business runs smoothly.

Jody Victor