Leadership Styles

The Globe and Mail did a study on the leadership styles of Trump vs Clinton. The Victor crew is not endorsing any candidate but thought this was an interesting study between these two.

Here is a short synopsis:

Clinton: tough; resilient; much planning and research; extensive contacts and network of influencers; scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours attitude; methodical; competitive.
Trump: strong; tough; demanding; bottom-line show-me-results attitude; get the job done; focused; direct and decisive; action over planning; uses whatever is available to achieve the goal; competitive.

Management Style
Clinton: demanding of her staff; needs details; delegates execution, but not strategy; surrounds herself with experienced and influential people; while trusting, she demands loyalty and dedication.
Trump: big-picture management; tells what he wants achieved, shows the resources, now do it; delegates execution and strategy, then waits for results; surrounds with hand-picked people for their qualifications, but are there for their record and ability to get things done; you need to earn his trust.

Clinton: research-and-planning managager uses her advisors and network to decide; decides by consensus, reserving her rights to change; takes time to decide with confirmation from her advisors.
Trump: No problem with decision-making; seeks advice since he knows he has no political experience, but goes with his gut feeling.

Clinton: bases negotiations on facts and figures with help of aides and assistants; staff helps from beginning to end; stability and previous decisions are key; focus is long-term
Trump: does his homework through staff research and intelligence gathering, but takes charge of negotiations; staff prepares him, he closes the deal; will celebrate a win with the team but wants to win and move on; long-term important but short-term is priority.

Clinton: careful with words; prioritizes professionalism and showing she’s in command; hides emotions in public; stress builds over time and bursts out in private.
Trump: direct, tells-it-like-it-is, focus on the heart of the matter; alienates people with his style and choice of words; behind closed doors he is respectful and will compromise to achieve objectives; emotions are not hidden; pressure doesn’t build because he releases both publicly and privately.

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