Leadership Styles

The Globe and Mail did a study on the leadership styles of Trump vs Clinton. The Victor crew is not endorsing any candidate but thought this was an interesting study between these two.

Here is a short synopsis:

Clinton: tough; resilient; much planning and research; extensive contacts and network of influencers; scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours attitude; methodical; competitive.
Trump: strong; tough; demanding; bottom-line show-me-results attitude; get the job done; focused; direct and decisive; action over planning; uses whatever is available to achieve the goal; competitive.

Management Style
Clinton: demanding of her staff; needs details; delegates execution, but not strategy; surrounds herself with experienced and influential people; while trusting, she demands loyalty and dedication.
Trump: big-picture management; tells what he wants achieved, shows the resources, now do it; delegates execution and strategy, then waits for results; surrounds with hand-picked people for their qualifications, but are there for their record and ability to get things done; you need to earn his trust.

Clinton: research-and-planning managager uses her advisors and network to decide; decides by consensus, reserving her rights to change; takes time to decide with confirmation from her advisors.
Trump: No problem with decision-making; seeks advice since he knows he has no political experience, but goes with his gut feeling.

Clinton: bases negotiations on facts and figures with help of aides and assistants; staff helps from beginning to end; stability and previous decisions are key; focus is long-term
Trump: does his homework through staff research and intelligence gathering, but takes charge of negotiations; staff prepares him, he closes the deal; will celebrate a win with the team but wants to win and move on; long-term important but short-term is priority.

Clinton: careful with words; prioritizes professionalism and showing she’s in command; hides emotions in public; stress builds over time and bursts out in private.
Trump: direct, tells-it-like-it-is, focus on the heart of the matter; alienates people with his style and choice of words; behind closed doors he is respectful and will compromise to achieve objectives; emotions are not hidden; pressure doesn’t build because he releases both publicly and privately.

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Leadership Competencies

The Victor crew found an article about Leadership Competencies According to Leaders Around the world. The author asks the question,”What makes an effective leader?” In his first round of the study of 195 leaders in 15 countries, he looked for answers to this question.

In his survey, he asked the participants to rate 74 qualities. He grouped them into five themes and found what rose to the top.
The themes were:
Strong ethics & safety: this theme combined to bring a sense of safety
Self-organizing: this had to do with allowing employees to organize their own time and work
Efficient learning: leaders should encourage learning, allowing trial and error
Nurtures growth: Helping to grow into a next-generation leader and providing opportunities for training
Connection and belonging: create a feeling of succeeding and failing together builds a strong foundation

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