Seek and take responsibility for your actions

(Adapted from “Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions”)

For professional development, you must actively seek out challenging assignments. You must use initiative and sound judgment when trying to accomplish tasks that are not required by your job title. Seeking responsibilities also means that you take responsibility for your actions. You are responsible for all your staff does or fails to do. Regardless of the actions of your employees, the responsibility for decisions and their application falls on you. You must issue all orders in your name. Stick by your convictions and do what you think is right, but accept justified and constructive criticism. Never remove or demote an employee for a failure that is the result of your own mistake.

  1. Learn the duties of your immediate superior, and be prepared to accept the responsibilities of these duties.
  2. Seek different leadership positions that will give you experience in accepting responsibility in different types of tasks.
  3. Take every opportunity that offers increased responsibility.
  4. Perform every act, large or small, to the best of your ability. Your reward will be increased opportunity to perform bigger and more important tasks.
  5. Stand up for what you think is right; have the courage of your convictions.
  6. Carefully evaluate a staff member’s failure before taking action. Make sure the apparent shortcomings are not due to an error on your part.
  7. In the absence of assignments, take the initiative to perform the actions you believe your superior would direct you to perform if he/she were present.

This was the last of our series on Marine Principles adapted for the work place. I hope you’ve enjoyed this and can put these principles into action in your work place.

~ Jody Victor