Rethinking Meetings Part 3

Another way to make meetings more effective is to make sure the leader isn’t doing all the talking. Meeting leaders tend to rate meetings as more effective than attendees; likewise, other research shows that those who talk most at meetings rate them more highly than others. A meeting should never be just one person talking—you may have heard the joke “this meeting could have been an email.” Well, if it is just one person talking is this entirely wrong?

If you think you are doing too much talking during a meeting, you probably are.

Meetings should be interactive, everyone in the room should be there for a reason and that should be to provide some kind of feedback or input. Meetings should have any spectators, only participants.

Speaking of activity, walking meetings are an interesting trend for 3-4 people sized meetings. They are a change of pace and may even allow participants to get into the outdoors.

Companies like LinkedIn and Johnson & Johnson have made walking meetings a part of their corporate culture. They get the blood moving and most people feel more energized and engaged because of the physical activity.

If you are at home you can try getting on a treadmill or other appropriate exercise machine, walking around your yard or neighborhood.

Remember that all of this applies to both face-to-face and virtual meetings. Give the same respect to people’s time which ever kind of meeting you are planning.