Original Thinkers

Jody Victor’s crew found a Ted Talk by Adam Grant concerning Original Thinkers.

He started out by telling of an incident where some students approached him investing in a company they were starting up. They said they didn’t spend a lot of time on it, they had backup jobs, and even the day before the online business was to launch, they still didn’t have a website. Mr. Grant declined to invest. The company? It’s known as Warby Parker now worth over a billion dollars.

He has dubbed these types “originals” as they are nonconformists who have ideas and act on them. He goes on to talk about the difference between procrastinators and precrastinators and how the procrastinators are the more creative.

He goes on to tell of experiments to evaluate creativity. They found that those that were moderate procrastinators were more creative than those who were precrastinators or full-blown procrastinators. Some procrastination gives you time to be creative. But there is good evidence that Firefox and Chrome users significantly outperform Internet Explorer and Safari users. Yes.

Enjoy the talk: