New Traits of the Modern Leader pt. 1

Many of us of heard the old adage that people don’t leave bad organizations, they leave bad leaders. So, for an organization to succeed building great leaders should be a top priority.

The “master and commander” style leader is no longer relevant. Leaders now need to build authentic relationships with the people under their leadership. There are some particular traits or tools that will help leaders do this in a modern and relevant way.

A good modern leader should be able to recognize what that something special that every member of the organization has to offer. What is that person’s “brand”? How do I help the member turn that into something that benefits the whole organization? How do we nurture and integrate it?

Many people today (some might even wager most) do not like being micromanaged—and its debatable whether this style of leadership was ever all that effective.

Modern, effective leaders espouse a vision and inspire their people to se their role in achieving that vision. A modern, effective leader doesn’t waste their time running all over or sending emails to people on exactly what to do and how to do it. They will trust their team members to do the job they’ve been hired to do. They make this clear through their actions and empower  their team members to act.