More lessons we can learn for business from the Marines

Adapted from “Ensure the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished”

Before you can expect your staff/employees to perform, they need to know what you expect of them. You must communicate your instructions in a clear, concise manner. Talk so they understand, but not in a way that would insult their intelligence. Before your staff starts a task, allow them a chance to ask questions or seek advice. Some supervision is essential. Without supervision you won’t know if anything is being properly accomplished. Over supervision is viewed as micro-managing and harassment and may keep anyone from showing initiative. Allow your staff to use their own techniques, and check them periodically.

  1. Make sure something has a need before making it an order.
  2. Use the established authority levels.
  3. Issue clear, concise, and positive directives.
  4. Encourage your staff to ask questions for anything they do not understand.
  5. Ask questions to see if there is anything they don’t understand.
  6. Supervise the your directives.
  7. Make sure your staff has the resources they need.
  8. Vary your supervisory styleas necessary.
  9. Exercise care and thought in supervision. Micro-management can stymie initiative and create resentment; under-supervision may not get the task done.

~ Jody Victor