Make sure to assign tasks according to your staff’s capabilities

(Adapted from Employ your command in accordance with its capabilities.)

Successful completion of a task depends upon how well you know your staff’s capabilities. If the task assigned is one that your staff has not been trained to do, failure is very likely to result. Failures lower your staff’s morale and self esteem. You wouldn’t send a sales clerk to do your books nor would you send one employee to do the job of five. Seek out challenging tasks for your staff, but be sure they are prepared for and have the ability to successfully complete their responsibilities.

  1. Do not volunteer your employees for tasks they are not capable of completing. Not only will they fail, but your staff will think you are seeking personal glory.
  2. Keep yourself informed as to the effectiveness of your staff’s capabilities.
  3. Be sure that tasks assigned are reasonable.
  4. Analyze all assigned tasks. If the means at your disposal are inadequate, inform your immediate supervisor and request the necessary support.
  5. Assign tasks equally among your employees.
  6. Use the full capabilities of your staff before requesting assistance.