Leadership Principles from the Marines

One of the Leadership Principles of the Marines is to “Know yourself and seek improvement.” How can you seek improvement if you don’t know yourself, you might wonder. The Marines don’t stop there. They give some guidelines to help you develop in this area:

  1. Make an hosest evalutions of yourself – find your strong and week personal qualities. Strive to overcome the weak ones and strengthen the strong ones.
  2. Seek the honest opinions of friends and superiors. This will show if you’ve improved your leadership ability.
  3. Study the causes for success or failure of other leaders. You can learn from this.
  4. Develop a genuine interest in people; try to get an understanding of human nature.
  5. Become proficient at effective writing and speech.
  6. Develop a goal and goal plan to reach that goal.

In business or in our life situations, we can look at these principles and apply them to ourselves. Do you take the time to evaluate yourself in this way?

Over the next several posts, we will look at some of the other principles offered by the Marines.

~ Jody Victor