Know your Employees and look out for their welfare

(Adapted from “Know your Marines and look out for their welfare”)

You should know your employees and how they react when placed in different situations.
An employee who is nervous and lacks self confidence should never be put in a situation where an important decision is made. Knowledge of your employees’ personalities will enable you, as the leader, to decide how to best handle each one and determine when they may need closer supervision.

  1. Put your employees’ welfare before your own – correct grievances and remove discontent.
  2. See the members of your staff and let them see you so they get to know you and feel that you know them. Be approachable.
  3. Let them see that you are determined to be a success.
  4. Concern yourself with their life circumstances.
  5. Help your employees get needed support when necessary.
  6. Determine what your employee’s mental attitude is; keep in touch with their thoughts.
  7. Ensure fair and equal distribution of rewards.
  8. Encourage individual development.
  9. Share the hardships of your employees so you can better understand their reactions.