Is It Ever OK to Us Directive Leadership?

Directive leadership, basically a “dictator” style where the leader tells people what and how to do things, is no longer popular. So, is it ever OK to use this style?

When you organization is making a major change and people need to “get on board” is a time when the style might still be useful.  This is the point at which you ought to be more directive, revealing to them how to do it. As your colleagues learn and create, you will never again need to screen their work so nearly.

Later on when people are locked in on new policies, procedures etc. you can back off.

At the point when there is an issue or crisis, time is of the essence. You can’t bear to settle on choices by committee in these conditions. This is the place mandated administration truly sparkles.

Some other examples are if there is a situation where anyone’s well-being or security is at hand.

It is still a good idea to allow people to have their voices heard when using this leadership style even if there is no room for negotiation