How to Handle the Holidays

As we live in a globalized society it is very likely that there are people practicing different religions in your organization. Generally speaking, you should encourage your team members to be open minded and listen to one another, maybe even polite inquiries about a holiday or practice they don’t understand.

Likewise, you and your team are going to have to be accommodating about team members taking time off. Make things easy on yourself and start speaking to your team members early about what time off they may need.

Holiday greetings can be a hot button topic, but all parties should understand that these greetings while specific to one religion or another are all meant to be positive. Don’t take offense, this is only a colleague wishing you the best in their own meaningful way.

Besides religion there are some other things we can do to alleviate stress during the holidays for our team members. Holiday parties are a great idea but make it easy on your team. Keep things casual, secular and think about avoiding gift exchanges. Gift giving can be stressful. Instead of a gift exchange think about doing something charitable that will bring the team together.

The holidays can be a learning opportunity for your team.