Here are some Irish-American Presidents

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, the Victor crew thought we’d look at some presidents who had Irish ancestry. Actually almost all are Scotch-Irish with the exception of John F. Kennedy. There are 22 who claim to have Irish ancestry but may not have the documentation for it.

Here is the list:

Andrew Jackson – 7th president – parents were from Boneybefore, County Antrim Ireland.
James Knox Polk – 11th president – ancestors from Coleraine, Ireland
James Buchanan – 15th president – ancestors from Deroran, County Tyrone, Ireland.
Andrew Johnson – 17th president – grandfather from Mounthill, County Antrim, Ireland.
Ulysses S. Grant – 18th president – maternal great-grandfather from Dergenagh, County Tyrone, Ireland.
Chester A. Arthur – 21st president – family from Dreen, County Antrim, Ireland.
Grover Cleveland – 22nd & 24th president – maternal grandfather from County Antrim
Bejamin Harrison – 23rd president – mother had Ulster Scots roots
William McKinley – 25th president – Father from Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland.
Theodore Roosevelt – 26th president – ancestors from Glenoe, County Antrim, Ireland.
William Howard Taft – 27th president
Woodrow Wilson – 28th president – ancestors from Dergalt, County Tyrone, Ireland.
Warren G. Harding – 29th president
Harry S. Truman – 33rd president
John F. Kennedy – 35th president – ancestors from County Wexford, Ireland.
Richard Nixon – 37th president – ancestors from Ulster, County Antrim, County Kildare, County Cork.
Jimmy Carter – 39th president – ancestors from County Antrim.
Ronald Reagan – 40th president – great-grandfather from County Tipperary.
George H. W. Bush – 41st president – ancestors from County Wexford.
Bill Clinton – 42nd president – claims Irish ancestry but no documentation
George W. Bush – 43rd president – ancestry from County Down, County Cork, County Wexford.
Barack Obama – 44th president – ?