Antonin Scalia

Since his recent death, the Victor crew wanted to find out more about

Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice and Lawyer was appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1986, where he served until his death February 13, 2016. He was born on March 11, 1936 in Trenton, New Jersey. He practiced law in the 1960s and worked in public service in the 70s.

His father emigrated from Sicily as a teenager through Ellis Island and became a professor of romance languages at Brooklyn College after attending college. His mother was a elementary teacher until her only child, Antonin, was born. His nickname was “Nino”.

Scalia grew up in Queens in New York City. It was at Xavier High School, run by the Jesuit order of the Catholic Church, that Scalia’s conservatism and deep religious convictions were further developed. He graduated valedictorian and summa cum laude with a bachelors degree in history in 1957 from Georgetown University. He went on to Harvard Law School. During his final year he met Maureen McCarthy and the couple was married in September 1960. The couple had nine children together.

He began his career in Cleveland, Ohio in 1961. He could have made partner but chose to teach so in 1967, he became a professor at the University of Virginia Law School and moved to Charlottesville. In 1972, President Richard Nixon appointed Scalia as general counsel for the Office of Telecommunications Policy to help formulate regulations for the cable television industry. After the Watergate scandal, he was appointed Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Council.

Scalia took another teaching post briefly before accepting an appointment from President Ronald Reagan on the Court of Appeals for DC in 1982. Later he was on the short list for Supreme Court nomination and as an Associate Justice replaced Chief Justice Warren Burger.

Why in the world would you have it interpreted by nine lawyers?
    ~ Antonin Scalia