Another Marine Principle adapted for Employees

(Adapted from “Keep your Marines informed”)

Employees can be inquisitive. For better efficiency and morale, a leader should keep his employees in the loop of what is happening and why. This is done when something that is happening that wil effect them. They will feel part of a “team” and not just a cog in a wheel. When employees are informed they perform better and can do more and better without constant supervision. The key to giving out information is to be sure your employees have the information they need to do their job intelligently.

  1. When possible, explain why tasks must be done and how want them done.
  2. Assure yourself that your employees are passing on necessary information.
  3. Be alert for rumors. Stop rumors by replacing them with the truth.
  4. Build morale by making sure everyone knows. Put it in writing.

~ Jody Victor