Another Marine Principle adapted for Business

Set the Example

You must show your team by example and not take a “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude. You will quickly alienate your staff. If your personal standards are high, they are more apt to adapt them as well. Check your own physical fitness, hygiene and appearance before commenting on theirs. Don’t set your standards higher than you are willing to go yourself.

  1. Show you are willing to do the same thing you ask of your employees/staff.
  2. Be physically fit, well-groomed, and correctly dressed.
  3. Maintain optimism, calmness, and confidence.
  4. Don’t display characteristics that could be open to criticism.
  5. Promote self-initiative.
  6. Avoid showing favoritism.
  7. Share difficulties with your staff so they see you are willing to to assume your share of them.
  8. Portray to your staff that you are the best in the position you are in.
  9. Delegate authority and avoid micro-management and over-supervision of your staff.

~ Jody Victor