Another Leadership Principle from the Marines

Another of the Leadership Principles of the Marines is to “Be technically and tactically proficient.” This would mean to know your job inside and out. Know all aspects of your job or task at hand. Are there manuals to read? You must be capable of answering any questions that may crop up. Further (some of these have been changed to suit everyday life rather than miilitary):

  1. Seek a well rounded education by attending school, work reading and research daily, take correspondence courses.
  2. Seek out and associate with capable leaders. Observe and study their actions.
  3. Broaden your knowledge through association with others.
  4. Seek opportunities to apply knowledge through leading others. Good leadership is acquired only through practice.
  5. Prepare yourself for the job of leader for your next promotion.

In business or in our life situations, we can look at these principles and apply them to ourselves. Do you take the time to evaluate yourself in this way?

We will continue to look at some of the other principles offered by the Marines.

~ Jody Victor